“This is my usual sushi, thai restaurant. I highly recommend it. I eat here normally 1-2 times a month. The sushi here is great and is served in pretty large pieces. I normally eat nigiri sushi (fish over rice), especially eel, yellowtail, salmon, tuna and tamago. Always fresh and tasty. The rolls are great as well, my fiancee loves the bagel roll, anaconda roll, volcano roll and others.

Other than sushi, the soups are great. We normally get the Tom Yum, and Tom Kar soups. Ive been liking the shrimp wonton lately, clear broth.. just clean and simple. I dont eat much thai but we normally go for the curries.

Seen Dennis Rodman at the sushi bar one time!”
– Robert W

“I was in Hallandale doing some errands, and decided to have lunch in a busy but charming shopping center. Thai and Japanese sounded appealing, so Siam Oishi was the option.

The place was almost empty and for a minute I hesitated about eating there. Emptiness is never a good sign for Asian restaurants, that I know.

I’m glad I stayed, because I was pleasantly surprise. I started with a white fish soup, that made me want a bigger bowl. Truly delicious, with a lot of greens and big chunks of fish. My next dish was a chicken thai salad. The presentation was BEAUTIFUL! to say the least. And to tell you the truth, I was not ready for the explosion of different flavors I got in my mouth at one point.

However, I must say, the chicken was a bit dry (the reason of the 4 stars). They served it with 2 sauces, one orangy-peanuty and the other more tangy-chilli. I mixed everything and was transported to a far, far away island in the middle of the pacific, with natives moving in synchronized dance.

A huge piece of lettuce wedge sitting on a corner was the only thing didn’t make any sense to this dish.

This place won’t be your average lunch, since the bill came up to $18. But you know what? We all deserve a trip to a far, far away land once in a while…”
– Isis N

“I have been looking for a decent Asian place since I moved to Hallandale in July. Till now I came up short a few times. I yelped this place and it had good revies so I decided to try a few basic foods to see if it was legit !
My girlfriend enjoyed the original miso soup and I tried the chicken Pad Thai Noodles and a small order of fried rice. Both were on point. I did the order online through their website on eat24. When i got there my food was ready to be picked up at the bar. I for sure will come here again !!!!”
– Javi C.

It was served in a boat nice presentation. great white fish, had better salmon, typical Florida tuna! ( Sorry but I firmly believe in the cold water vs warm water fish. Cold water fish of the same species far superior. West coast better then east coast too! Sushi pieces huge and great EEL.”
– Stuart G

“Great service and excellent sushi. Portion are much larger then any sushi restaurant.”
– Richard W.

“This place is right across the street from my house, so consequently, I have eaten there many times and even more often gotten takeout…one of my favorite not-too-unhealthy options when I don’t feel like cooking.

That said, I would remark that the quality is not necessarily consistent from dish to dish. I’ve had certain things that were excellent and others that were just OK or even pretty mediocre. My boyfriend was very disappointed in a seafood salad he ordered one time…more lettuce than seafood (and iceberg lettuce at that) and the seafood that was there was not amazing by any means. The rolls are not bad, but they’re not to-die-for either…unmemorable. I do usually order a roll or two when I get takeout there, but if you’re looking to be dazzled, I don’t know that that’s the way to go. The veggie roll is good though.

My favorite things on the menu are the tom kar kay (I think that’s what it is), the coconut milk soup with seafood…it’s delicious, and I haven’t found anything that beats it in any other Thai restaurant in Miami. (Most places only offer this soup with chicken, which I don’t eat.) Spicy and filling and tasty, and full of fresh seafood including mussels in the shell, squid and shrimp with the tail on. Definitely my all-time favorite soup. Another favorite is the veggie tempura…they do a very nice job with it. The appetizer portion is large and has a variety of vegetables; I find they are more generous and more varied than most places you order this. The only problem is if you order it takeout or delivery, it can get soggy fast, but that’s not their fault; that’s the nature of tempura. Finally, I love, but love, their panang curry with tofu. The sauce is amazing, the spice is just right, and it’s full of veggies. I’ve been disappointed with this dish in other restaurants–it often comes with just some chunks of tofu in the sauce with maybe a scant spoonful of red bell peppers or something. But at Siam Oishi, it comes with peppers, carrots, mushrooms, baby corn, green beans, basil leaves, etc., etc. A ton of vegetables as well as the tofu. I imagine it comes the same way if you order it with meat, though I don’t know because I’ve never ordered it that way.

Anyway, it’s worth going, but steer clear of that seafood salad.”
– Jennie S

“One of the few places with ‘authentic’ Sushi/ Thai taste… not the Americanized version! Portions are generous, waiters are helpful and courteous. The seafood platter, assorted sushi platter, sashimi, salmon or tuna dishes are excellent! Soups are great and even the rolls are very very good. The variety and the fresh taste would impress you. If its a pleasant day you can enjoy the seating outside too… Definitely priced a little on the higher side. Quick Tip: Not a first date place! It’s more of a “take your fiancee” kind :)”
-Deepanjan D

“I will start out by saying that Siam is my regular sushi spot. Since I have moved here I have enjoyed the food that they prepare. The prices are on par with good sushi and the portions are good. I never leave unsatisfied. It is also great for an afternoon lunch outside with a couple Kirin. A little pricey for a week day lunch, but well worth it.”
-Kevin Z

“This restaurant is one of my faves in south Florida, I had the good fortune to go in for lunch a week after it opened it’s doors ,and have been going back ever since.It is a 40 minute drive from my house, but I do not mind ,since the cuisine here is so varied( Asian) and always excellent.Their lunch specials are outrageous in both quality & quantity .Service has always been good,and friendly.If you are in the area, try it , you will go back .This is as good as it gets , bar none!”
– Manuel G

“I found my new Asian spot !!!!!”
– Javi C

“Siam Oishi is an amazing Sushi and Thai restaurant on Hallandale! I absolutely love their Garlic Pork and Thai Iced Tea! Fresh fish and great prices.”
– Vanessa M

“Huge menu, high quality and reasonably priced. Also it is close to home, very convenient . . .”
– David C

“Started with shrimp in blanket which was awesome. Then moved on to my entree that must be the best green curry I have ever tasted. Service is average and venue is ok for a strip mall that has plenty parking. Sat outside which was nice at this time of year. Will return.”
Mark S

“This place is very good. One of my favorite sushi places. A bit pricy but worth it nonetheless.”
– Sebastian M

“Tanya was our waitress. She gave excellent service. The food was also great. The portions were enough to make two meals. Will definitely be back.”
– Tori W.

“I’ve been here several times and I really enjoy their sushi. The fish is consistently fresh, expertly cut, and beautifully displayed. Service is quick and attentive. Maki is a reasonable value, and there are many unique and exotic rolls to choose from. I love the Dragon roll and Beauty & the Beast. Their eel sauce is INSANE. I’ve had their tempura which is always good, as is their Miso soup. Great deal on 2 for 1 saki at happy hour. Wonderful spot, it just needs some interior ambiance.”
– Geoffrey M

“I enjoy this place a lot! I love the fact that the food is flavorful – and spicy here means just that: SPICY!! The menu is not as expansive as some places but they do what they do, well! The Panang curry, Thai Spice and Basil Sauce Chicken are excellent, in my opinion. Soups are tasty and quite enjoyable… And portion sizes are generous for each.

I can’t speak to the quality of the sushi – I’m allergic to most fish – but friends that have come here with me seem to enjoy the various varieties of sushi offered.”
– Tonya A.