About Us:

If you are looking for great Asian fusion cuisine and sushi in South Florida, then you don’t have to look any farther than Siam Oishi. With two locations to choose from, we are readily available to anyone in South Florida. Our modern and eclectic menu draws on the Asian fusion cuisines to offer meals that will appeal to anyone who walks through the doors. We offer delicious foods and an inviting atmosphere to every customer who comes in to dine.

At Siam Oishi, we are dedicated to providing tasteful foods and sushi here in South Florida. We are a quality Asian fusion restaurant that believes in creating an environment that will be appealing to anyone, whether they bring the whole family, a friend, date, or if they are just meeting for business. Our restaurant atmosphere is inviting, clean, and comfortable so people will feel at ease dining, sharing their own stories, having great laughs, and just enjoying others’ company.

About the owner:

Poompaka “Pio” Komolvasri was born in Bangkok, Thailand, where she developed a love of traditional and fusion Thai food. Pio earned a B.A. in Accounting at Ramkhamheng University, Bangkok, in 1989. She moved with her family to the United States in 1992, where she studied English as she learned the restaurant business. For thirteen years, Pio gained extensive restaurant management and culinary experience as both a senior employee and part owner.

In 2005, she opened Siam Oishi. Pio graduated from Le Cordon Bleu college of Culinary Arts, Miami, in 2006 with a degree in Culinary of Culinary Arts. As the owner of Siam Oishi, Pio emphasizes food presentation by using handmade dishes and decorations imported from Thailand. She insists on a high standard of food preparation, ensuring that each order is made fresh according to recipes prepared with the finest of culinary skills. Siam Oishi offers an extensive variety of Thai and Japanese dishes to satisfy any palate.