Farmer’s Market Vegetables

Aged Tofu


Crispy tofu and scallions with tempura dipping sauce

Steamed Vegetables


Assorted vegetables with soy dipping sauce

Vegetable Tempura


Crispy and lightly battered broccoli, carrots, onions, asparagus and squash in tempura sauce

Imo Sweet Potatoes


Crisp slices of sweet potatoes served with katsu sauce



Spring rolls stuffed with mixed vegetables



Lightly salted steamed soy beans

Fresh Garden Salads

Naruto Veggie


Spinach, asparagus, sweet dried squash and carrots wrapped with paper thin cucumber

Thai Chicken Salad


Marinated grilled chicken breast with lettuce, cucumber salad and peanut sauce

Avocado Kani Salad


Japanese creamy salad with avocado and kani

Seafood Salad


Salad with steamed shrimp and kani and your choice of ginger, miso or peanut dressing



Spinach ball with miso sauce and sesame seeds

Spicy Shrimp Salad


Spicy Thai salad with steamed shrimps, onions and scallions

Hiyashi Wakame


Marinated seaweed salad with rice vinegar and sesame seeds

Niwatori Caesar Salad


Caesar salad topped with grilled chicken

Niwatori Salad


Salad with grilled chicken breast and your choice of ginger, miso or peanut dressing

Summer Roll


Shrimp, kani with cucumber, avocado and spring onions in rice paper wrapping

Spicy Beef Salad


Spicy Thai salad with marinated grilled beef, tomato, cucumber, onions and scallions

Papaya Salad


Spicy Thai papaya salad with garlic, tomato, carrots and peanuts

Caesar Salad


Creamy Caesar dressing served with Parmesan cheese and baked croutons

Niwa Salad


Small dinner salad and your choice of finer, miso or peanut dressing